Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Made It!!!

Well everyone. We have made it into the new apartment and are loving it. Caitlin is so excited to have her own room and although I thought getting our own place would be a means to more time with her I am finding that she wants to be by herself in her own room quite a lot. Oh, well. She can't stay in there forever.

She has already had her first slumber party. She had two girls over for a belated brithday and they had tons of fun. We ate pizza a huge cupcakes, made treat bags, watched tons of Disney channel and went swimming at the pool. It was great to see her having so much fun and becoming a bit more relaxed.

Me, I am like the cat that ate the canary, completely happy and enjoying life. I love my new found independence and having time to myself to just breath.

I do have to say though that in all my talk of independence I am truly grateful for the people in my life. First and formost my mom and dad, especially my dad, he took the time to come out and help his very stubborn and strong willed daughter get things done that she could have never done herself even if she would never want to admit it. I love you Dad and I am so grateful for you. I could not have done this move without him. I am also grateful to wonderful friends that took untold trips to my aunt and uncles, the store, american furniture warehouse, etc to get me all the things that I needed that I forgot about. Your patience and loyalty are the without a doubt appreciated. To the wonderful elders at church that took time from their families to move boxes and furntiure in to the new place. It is so nice to know people that believe in service and helping others.

Most of all I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for his continued blessings in my life and the life of my daughter. He has lifted me up and carried me through these dark and lonely days and blessed my life beyond measure with peace, love, friendship, and clarity. I know that there will still be storms to weather ahead but I know that I can face them with his help.

So for all of you that have read these little blogs, Chapter 2 is just getting good..... stay tuned.

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